RETROSONIC have a top of the range PA System with Mackie Speakers / Mixing Desk.

DBX Drive Rack PA management System. The versatile system can be boosted for outdoor concerts or down sized for smaller inside venues. From 3000 watts down to 1000 watts.

Lighting is also provided. We run 4 led lights and a Lazer Galaxian for a dramatic lighting effect.

RETROSONIC also have an iPod that they use to play music during breaks. A remote microphone is also available for use at functions for speeches.





RETROSONIC have an extensive repertoire and they play a large variety of songs to cater for all tastes (see band song list) – with classics from Blondie, The Doobie Brothers, Pat Benatar & The Exponents - right through to some of today's top hits from Opshop, Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon , Katy Perry and Earth ,Wind and Fire.





RETROSONIC are different from some cover bands - one reason is that they are all very experienced musicians, and not a bunch of amateurs who

just throw a few songs together on the night.

Also some so called cover bands are actually 2 or 3 singer / guitarists / keyboardists who play along to 'backing music' - and not actually a 'live' band.





Contact RETROSONIC to discuss your requirements. Their rates depend on where/when and how long they are required to play for etc... They can tailor an entertainment package to suit your needs!





Q: I am having a big function in 8 months, how soon do I need to book a band?


A: The sooner the better really; at least 6 months in advance. (Check out free dates in "upcoming gigs").


Q: Could RETROSONIC play at short notice?


A: Yes if the date is free. Upcoming gigs will tell you this.


Q: I would like to have the band play at my wedding and I'd really like them to play a song that is not on their list - could they play it for me?


A: Yes, that might be possible - depending on the song. As long as you give the band plenty of time, they will endeavour to learn the song for you.


Q. We would like a band to play at our awards night, but it is in Timaru. Would they travel from Christchurch to Timaru to play?


A. Yes - RETROSONIC can travel pretty much anywhere in the South Island to play, depending on when etc - contact them to discuss your requirements.


Q: Do RETROSONIC have any special requirements?


A: No not really. All they need is a good sturdy flat stage / area, big enough for the band and their gear, and some secure power.


Q: I would really like to hear RETROSONIC playing somewhere before I book them - when can I hear them play?


A: RETROSONIC play regularly at various gigs around the country. Please check out the " upcoming gigs" page or contact Mark or Mandi for any queries.